28 Japanese meals you know are bad for you but you just can’t resist

Posted on by Jin

Gazo Sokuho, a 2chan summary site specialized in photo threads, posted this thread of 28 photos of Japanese food that’s sure to elicit your hunger – despite their obvious unhealthiness. They’re the Japanese equivalent of super-sized hamburgers and hot dogs. Are you ready for your foodgasm?

Shoga Yaki - ginger porkJapanese wienersKatsu curry - pork cutlet curryonigiri - rice balls

Instant soba, beer, and tuna mayo onigirionigiri, wieners, and tamagoyaki - egg rollsonigiri, wieners, and tamagoyaki - egg rollsyakisoba, weiners, potato salad, eggs, ham, everythingonigiri, wieners, and tamagoyaki - egg rollsramencarbonarainstant soba and canned coffee in an office water cooler roomyakisoba, weiners, potato salad, eggs, ham, everythingfried rice, tonkatsu, and pastasanma no shioyaki - broiled salted mackereltendon, soba, gyudon - tenpura rice bowl, soba, and beef rice bowlikura and uni don - salmon roe and sea urchin rice bowltonkatsu - pork cutletfried chicken rice bowltsukemen - dipping ramenshogayaki - ginger porksteakyakiniku - korean barbecuetenpuracurry udonkatsu don - pork cutlet and egg over ricetaian bento karage - fried chicken from Taian restaurantEbitendon - fried shrimp rice bowl

Gazo Sokuho


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