[2chan] Japanese politician drinks “nuclear reactor water” to prove its safety

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Yasukuyuki Sonoda drinks water from Fukushima nuclear plant

On Monday, October 31st, a Japanese politician named Yasuhiro Sonoda drank radiation-contaminated water that settled at the bottom of Reactors 5 and 6 of the Fukushima nuclear plant to prove that it safe for the plant to be disposing this water in the surrounding environment.

TEPCO dumping radiation contaminated water into the forests near its plants

Since October, TEPCO, the company running the nuclear plant in Fukushima, has been dumping the ocean water which poured into Reactors 5 and 6 from the March 11th tsunami into the surrounding environment.

While TEPCO ran the water through cleansing processes before disposing this water and claims that the radiation is almost indiscernible, the press has raised questions about the water’s safety. Freelance journalists ask Sonoda, whose title is parliamentary secretary to the “Minister of State for the Corporation in support of Compensation for Nuclear Damage,” to drink the water if it is as safe as he claims.

The 2chan response

2chan’s response has been a mixture of disgust for the unreasonable request by the journalist, retorts that drinking the water doesn’t prove anything, and pity for the quivering Sonoda.

11: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:28:59.29 ID:GakoFn+O0
The freelancer journalist must have gotten a hardon.
16: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:29:58.87 ID:aqitGt5k0
How do we know that the water really came from the reactor?
23: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:30:21.49 ID:/eMtTiQp0
He didn’t have to drink it, just let a goldfish swim in it.
27: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:30:44.55 ID:ejvJypT00
It’s not even tap water, why does he have to drink it? There must be unsafe particles in that water other than radiation. What a dumbass reporter.
47: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:32:09.38 ID:2hkRUMkkP
>>27 Well, it was Sonoda who said it was edible. It’s a children’s argument.
30: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:30:55.78 ID:QDmUHZ9/0
That reporter lacks morality. Embarrassing.
31: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:30:59.39 ID:qe826cbx0
His hand was trembling! This is bullying!
59: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:33:03.27 ID:8vC6QYU50
The journalist should have drank it, it’s his job to find out the truth.
61: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:33:10.21 ID:jDgSfJVKP
The press told him to drink it and now they’re saying he’s gone too far. Stupid press.
62: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:33:20.91 ID:GakoFn+O0
Sonoda lost the argument when he couldn’t immediately respond with “What does drinking it prove? Are you stupid?”
116: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:36:48.47 ID:TG2oithI0
Why is everyone against the press? If the water’s really safe, of course he should drink it. The government’s been lying to us so many times so far.
166: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:41:19.34 ID:vqIJXe8PO
>>116 If you really believe that the government cheats, how do you know that water isn’t just bottled water? This is all pointless.
120: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:37:07.70 ID:mzvuQmzg0
You wouldn’t just drink ocean water or rain water. Did the reporter ask knowing that it’s a ridiculous request?
129: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:37:48.15 ID:1XBRhWzc0
>>120 of course they distilled the water. They don’t want him getting sick from something other than radiation.
172: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:41:59.77 ID:gUs1GrLk0
No one thought he would actually drink it. I’m sure the journalist wasn’t looking for that.
206: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:47:10.36 ID:Epfm8uyoP
>>172 If he didn’t drink it, the press would continue to talk about the “contaminated water” with tens of thousands of becquerels.
207: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:47:13.20 ID:1VWN1foL0
Government vs press. Like two yakuzas fighting each other.
232: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:50:07.99 ID:xsM0kJex0
This is like asking someone to lick the toilet seat after it’s been cleaned.
256: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:53:09.79 ID:/xc6JLJZ0
They should have made AKB48 drink it.
280: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 21:55:32.04 ID:2R3XsIK10
What the press should be asking is not about whether he can drink the water or not. They should be questioning the nuclear power policy fundamentally. Is it safe to be dumping water just because it’s under the safety limit? They’re so stupid.
342: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 22:03:19.23 ID:cqYfHRb70
I don’t feel pity for Sonoda. He is part of what the future will call a mass-murdering government whose policy let millions suffer from radiation. Kan and Edano should drink the water too.
490: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 22:26:58.31 ID:FEW+7wvh0
There’s no point letting Sonoda drink it. TEPCO, the nuclear power regulatory committees, and their families should drink it.
492: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 22:27:31.53 ID:ReGXOcp90
The government’s asking the people to drink it, they should drink it too.
530: Anonymous: 2011/10/31(Mon) 22:37:01.76 ID:Np7QFNxU0
He drinks it because they ask him to drink it and you guys criticize him for it. lol



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