[2chan responds] REAL-f makes masks perfectly replicating human faces

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real-f human copy

Yesterday, Kyoto Shinbun reported on a new venture company called REAL-f which specializes in making hyper-realistic, to-scale, 3D masks of human faces. The masks are exact replicas of the person it models down to the retina pattern, individual wrinkles and moles, and even the translucency of the veins and pores.

The technology is actually pretty simple from their explanation. They take regular 2D photographs of the model from a couple angles – with extra care given on the eyes, cast a mold from the model, and fit the photographs onto the mold. The advancement in technology that made this finally possible is in the process’ precision.

REAL-f intends to market these as 3D posters or for wedding gifts. Head scratching and “WTFs” abound, but don’t direct them at me. These are REAL-f’s words, not mine. The president, Osamu Kitagawa (53), previously worked at a printing company where he was assigned on a project to create a “human copy machine.” He hopes that this product is a step closer.

Finally, the question you’ve all been wondering: so, how much does it cost? For your very own lifelike replica of your face, you’ll only be set back a reasonable $3,000US. Not bad… in a sense.

Of course, 2chan had their laughs, as well as a few suggestions as to where this technology has its applications.

The 2chan response

1: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:24:21.51 ID:???0
Article summary and link

real-f human copy 2chan original photo

7: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:27:44.11 ID:XcgRm0ok0
This must be CG
6: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:27:20.46 ID:lw7ALkD40
For that price, I’d buy a Real Doll
11: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:29:01.29 ID:lHCmWGUn0
>>6 REAL-f should replicate the faces of idols and Orient Industries should make the body. Their sales will double no doubt.
116: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 18:00:02.93 ID:5EX5Xdjv0
>>11 REAL-f and Orient should have a merger
9: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:28:15.17 ID:HLJrb9nl0
>>1 If you’re not paying attention, you’d think, “Who made this crappy photoshop?”
13: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:31:07.86 ID:P53aRyHF0
Women should give up wearing makeup, just create a mask of their ideal face and where that all the time. It’ll lift cosmetic costs.
19: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:32:58.13 ID:aa7MvIgs0
Someone’s gonna use this in crime.
23: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:33:47.39 ID:BWueRO6j0
Don’t they do that in Face Off?
28: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:35:24.76 ID:WLSmRorX0
Make the mask when you’re young and wear it to your reunions when you’re older.
32: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:35:56.71 ID:tQKtpN990
New usage: use this instead of a photograph at your funeral
35: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:36:32.88 ID:meg9fpvc0
Wear the mask of a handsome man and become popular
43: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:39:00.50 ID:o1VeSpg30
I’d like one of these of a girl I like, but I probably wouldn’t be able to get the scan. Couldn’t they make one that can do this from afar?
45: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:39:08.05 ID:8hZq47GnP
If they can print this on a super thin sheet of silicon and have it twist into the wearer’s expression, you could be a real spy.
48: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:39:18.68 ID:DQuyjJHL0
I wonder if you could trick your pet with this.
65: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:41:38.79 ID:SJrnKi090
This’ll sell to AKB48 otakus like hotcakes.
70: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:43:26.09 ID:HPr6JPpC0
Could this work as an “option” at the fuzoku.
72: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:43:58.81 ID:TEKsKK4V0
>>70 It won’t work because they’re expressionless.
114: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:59:47.86 ID:TG2WsgdZ0
>>72 No problem. Make them with an “O face.”
83: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:47:15.87 ID:BUDVZHjH0
I’d freak out if I saw this lying on my living room floor.
96: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:51:04.97 ID:aLEaVvDQ0
How the hell do you use this as a wedding gift?
109: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 17:58:24.60 ID:KaexAH7PP
>>96 Make a mask of the groom’s ex-girlfriend
134: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 18:11:53.54 ID:/h0gTR/W0
I want one for sleeping in meetings or training sessions. Though it would really suck when I get caught.
162: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 18:55:16.82 ID:7UBDQBYo0
>>134 They should create an eyemask version with an auto-blinking feature.
162: Anonymous: 2011/10/05(Wed) 18:55:16.82 ID:7UBDQBYo0
It’s so natural

real-f human copy 2chan



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