3 Japanese movies at the Tokyo International Film Festival we’re looking forward to

Posted on by Jeffrey

We’re really geeked about the Tokyo International Film Festival this year and like any film festival there are way too many movies for any one person to see. The program we’re most interested in is “Japanese Eyes.” Japanese Eyes showcases Japanese independent production and this year there are nine movies in the program. Around the office at Japan Flix we’re especially excited about three of these movies. Watch the trailers and read some of our thoughts!

“The setting of this film is a big draw for me. It reminds me of Sergei Bodrov’s Prisoner of the Mountains or Abbas Kiarostami’s Where is the Friend’s Home? The fact that it’s a Japanese-Uzbek co-production only makes me more interested in it.” -Motoko

About the Pink Sky captures the strong cultural background of Japanese high school students and their daily lives; something that many viewers can relate to themselves. Although this film’s genre is drama, it seems suspenseful, having the viewers consistently think what kind of obstacles are going to move the protagonist forward in achieving her goal.” -Daisuke

“Satoru Hirohata is a well known up-and-coming director who won the prestigious film competition, PFF 2010 and leading male, Takahiro Sato is famous for his subtle and natural acting. No Reply looks to be a excellent example of refined Japanese filmmaking.”



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