A famous Frenchman plays the part of Doraemon and gives us all a chuckle

Posted on by Jeffrey

Jean Reno, you renaissance man, you.

Reno captures hearts and minds of men and women across Japan in his latest role: Doraemon. The 63 year-old actor, known for his “Frenchness,” is featured in the latest of a series of Toyota commercials featuring live-action versions of Doraemon characters all grown up. And after 30 years Nobita is still getting picked on. The commercial ends with Nobita asking Doraemon to give him a car, to which Doraemon refuses, telling Nobita he doesn’t have a driver’s license. (Ha! That crazy Jean Reno.)

You can also check out a behind-the-scenes segment that recently appeared on Japanese TV.

Also, the first of the series. Sans Jean Reno. *Sad face*


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