Japan Flix

J apan Flix is a new online distributor of cutting-edge, never-before-seen Japanese films in North America. Offering a variety of genres including horror, drama, comedy, romance, and exploitation, Japan Flix represents a world of exciting and unique cinematic offerings previously unseen by audiences outside of Japan.

T hrough partnerships with various Japanese distribution companies, we strive to make a wide variety of films accessible to U.S. and Canadian audiences as conveniently as possible. If you own an Apple device, you can rent or own through the iTunes store. Some of our films are also available on the Zune Marketplace.


If you see Teru at work, he's busy negotiating contracts and globe trotting between business meetings. But on weekends you'll spot him peacefully wandering the Williamsburg neighborhood walking his dog Mocha. And picking up poop. Everyone shivers in fear when he cracks the whip, but hey, someone's got to do it. That's what keeps this company going.


Kei loves playing the piano, singing, and going clubbing on the weekends (how very Japanese of him). He's a second generation Japanese American and is currently struggling with a mild identity crisis. Maybe the problem is that he works at an American company that deals with Japanese films.


Jonathan marches to the beat of his own drum, literally. He plays the drums and complains about calluses regularly. He's had a number of jobs, including training flight attendants in Japan - we think he might have a pilot's license... we're not sure. Jonathan also just recently purchased a bicycle, which he rides to work every day no matter how stupid the weather. Oh, and he has the same sense of humor that your dad has.


Hilary is a sharp cookie. She enjoys arguing and being right, which is good, since she usually is. She lives in constant fear that her secret identity as a Canadian half-blood will be revealed to the world (too late). Oh, Hilary also grew up in Japan and went to college in Washington, so she's way more cosmopolitan than you'll ever be. You'd do best to observe what she does and do the same. Don't argue. You won't win.


Jin is the programmer. He sits next to Jeffrey in the office and must endure his endless rants about politics and film. So if the site doesn't work the way it's supposed to, don't blame Jin. It's all Jeffrey's fault.


Jeffrey is a film geek with one foot in production and one foot in distribution. As a very opinionated person, he's always fighting off the temptation to jump into random conversations. He is currently growing a massive beard.