Amazing installation creates a world of light and shadow

Posted on by Jeffrey

Contemporary art can be hit or miss with me. Sometimes it’s just crap that requires so much explanation it destroys any impact the piece has on the viewer. At its best, art should be both challenging and accessible such as in the work of Ryota Kuwakubo.

Ryota Kuwakubo graduated from the University of Tsukuba with an M.A. in Design, specializing in Plastic Art and Mixed Media and also the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. His work challenges our perceptions in a playful way; several of his creations have even been marketed as something akin to toys.

N2C Tokyo / Ryota Kuwakubo (Eng.Subtitles) from gsus fernandez on Vimeo.

One of his latest works is more art than toy. In The Tenth Sentiment a train carrying a light winds its way around a room past and through objects creating a brilliant world of shadow and light. The stills are great and the video is amazing, but I have a feeling this should be experienced in person to get the full effect.


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