Apple sues Samsung again. Or is it Samsung sues Apple again?

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Apple and Samsung have been trading blows in more than 20 cases across 10 countries. Apple has (temporarily albeit probably into 2012) been successful in preventing the sale of the Galaxy Tab in Australia and Germany in where injunctions have gone into effect. In other European countries, Samsung solved its legal woes with software adjustments.

Most recently, on October 13th, a US District Court judge ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets infringe on Apple’s iPad patents. However the judge has not yet granted Apple its injunction preventing Samsung from selling the Galaxy tablet in the US. To get the injunction, Apple must prove that its patents are valid. How they’ll do that when every sci-fi movie in forever has had a tablet is anyone’s guess. Is that the new iPad, Captain Piccard?

Meanwhile, Samsung is fighting to have the iPhone 4S banned in Italy, France, Australia, and Japan. The iPad2 is also part of Samusung’s claim in Japan. Whereas Apple’s beef is mostly with the physical design of the Galaxy devices, Samsung is going after Apple mostly for violating patents related to wireless telecommunications standards. Unfortunately they’ve already lost this battle in the Netherlands and Australia (Samsung is appealing the ruling in Australia).

These guys are totally getting sued.

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