Bandai bakes a cake to celebrate Evangelion 3.0

Posted on by Jeffrey

Bandai is offering a special cake in celebration of Evangelion 3.0, the third film in the rebuild of the famous TV series, to be released fall 2012. It’s shaped like Nerv headquarters and is mostly chocolate mousse with a chocolate sponge base and center. Along with the sponge center there is a bit of sour strawberry preserves (yummy). And of course, the cake is coated in a delicious looking chocolate glaze.

The cake is priced at around $50 US and comes with a Rei Ayanami figurine holding the Lance of Longinus. I wonder if you can use it as a fork?

Evangelion Cake

Inside the Evangelion 3.0 cake

Here is the subbed trailer for Evangelion 3.0 if you care and I know you do.


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