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Posted on by Namie

My name is Namie and I’m the designer behind the Japan Flix website. In the wake of the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific, I had the urge to do something to support the victims as well as donate through the American Red Cross. I became part of a nonprofit organization called HOPE.

Hope Japan

HOPE Japan was founded a week after the disaster by a few of us New York-based Japanese designers who desperately wanted to help our country. We are a non-profit group that supports earthquake, tsunami and radiation disaster victims in Japan. Each artist (including me) designed a button and donated it to HOPE. All proceeds to HOPE from the sales of these buttons will go to the Japan Society for victims in Japan.

Hope Japan button

Please support the victims in Japan through HOPE. It is not too late. The victims need long term support and it doesn’t matter how much you give.

Hope Japan button

If your favorite buttons are sold out, please wait a few days. HOPE is constantly ordering more buttons for those who want to support HOPE.

Please visit “HOPE” or “Hope Japan’s Blog”.


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