Can Magic Princess Tenko bring Kim Jong Il back to life?

Posted on by Jeffrey

Snow White Kim Jong Il

It was recently reported in the Wall Street Journal blog, Real Time Korea that famous magician, Princess Tenko had been invited to Kim Jong Il’s funeral. For the unfamiliar, Princess Tenko is a 52 year-old magician from Japan who specializes in “grand illusions” (Thanks Wikipedia).

In 1998, she made a controversial visit to North Korea to perform at the Friendship Art Festival held in Pyongyang which she said was a chance to meet different artists. She then returned in 2000 and performed for Kim Jong Il who was so impressed by her magic, he asked her to stay. Pretty amazing considering how talented “Dear Leader,” himself, was. He had magical powers, was an amazing golfer, and has composed several operas. Life’s easy when you are born underneath a double rainbow in the sky and a new star in the heavens.

The fact that Kim Jong Il, the world’s greatest human ever, thought so highly of Princess Tenko leads me to believe that she is no mere illusionist but a real princess and that the DPRK are trying to recreate some amalgamation of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with the hope that with one kiss from Princess Tenko, Kim Jong Il will wake up.

With magical moves like Princess Tenko’s, I have no doubt Kim Jong Il will be back among the living very, very soon.


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