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Q. Why won’t the video play?

A. Chances are because you are not living in The United States or Canada. Our system detects where you IP address is located and our movies will not play outside of the US or Canada. We don’t have the licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t answered on this page, leave your question in the comments below the post and we’ll get back to it as soon as possible! Q. I live in (insert your country’s name here). Can I stream movies … Continue reading

Q. Can I watch what I rent more than once?

A. While you have access to your movie or TV show, you can watch however many times you like!

Q. Do you sell DVDs?

A. Unfortunately, No. Our films are only available digitally.

Q. Is my information safe?

A. Yes! Japan Flix does not store credit card information on its servers. Japan Flix uses a trusted credit card processor called When you make a purchase with CCBill, transactions occur on their PCI compliant, secure servers. Your credit … Continue reading

Q. Where are Japan Flix’s movies available?

A. You can find some of our movies in the iTunes Store and Zune Marketplace. You can find ALL our titles streaming right on our website.

Q. On what devices can I stream Japan Flix titles?

A. Right now, our video player will work on any internet-enabled device with flash. So that means computers, internet-ready TVs, and most Android devices. We’re working hard on getting it to Apple devices as soon as possible!

Q. How good is the video quality?

A. The video quality you experience depends on the quality that the film was shot at, the speed of your internet connection, and the resolution of your monitor. For films marked “HD,” the films have been shot at full 1080p … Continue reading

Q. When does a rental expire?

A. Access to the TV episode or movie you rent will always expire at 12 midnight EST. However, you will always get your full 1 day or 5 days that you purchase. So, if you rent a movie for 1 … Continue reading