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Pale white skin and big doll-like eyes are the beauty ideal for many young Japanese women. A quality found to be particularly attractive is dekame, or big eyes in English. There are some serious products to make dekame, like contact lenses to make eyes appear bigger and glues to create creases in eyelids.

And the latest method is just a snap!

If you have spent any time in Japan you are undoubtedly familiar with purikura, the photo booths where you can add cheap looking (but admittedly fun) digital effects to pictures of you and your friends. The latest incarnation of these photo booths takes things a step further (maybe not for the better). This Purikura photo booth has the same technology used for facial recognition in digital cameras and makes subject’s eyes 20% bigger and anime-like automatically. Check out the before and after for yourself. Cute… or creepy?



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