Duffy the Disney Bear: Japan’s very own Disney character

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Tokyo Disney Sea
See the bear between Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? This bear is named Duffy and it is an increasingly popular bear at Tokyo Disney Sea. Before Duffy appeared at Tokyo Disney Sea, it was on sale as “Disney Bear” at Walt Disney World in 2002. However, Disney Bear was not popular and was discontinued. Duffy first went on sale at Tokyo Disney Sea in December 2004 and was given a suitable background story. The story is that Minnie Mouse gave a bear to Mickey Mouse as a present. When Minnie Mouse gave it to Mickey Mouse, it was in a duffle bag. That is why it’s named Duffy.

The original "Disney Bear"

The original "Disney Bear"

Duffy the Disney Bear


About 8 years have passed since Duffy first appeared at Tokyo Disney Sea. Most popular Duffy is about 3800yen and it is always sold out. There is a line for photography with a life-size character in Tokyo Disney Sea on weekend. Why did Duffy become so popular without becoming a movie character? One reason is the number of outfits that have been released for Duffy to wear. People enjoy dressing the bear up because new clothes are added every month. It has turned Duffy into a collectible. Especially many girls collect some “Duffy” and as you can see in the pictures, they attach a miniature Duffy onto their bags. Presently, “Duffy” is a popular and representative character in Tokyo Disney Sea.

Duffy the Disney Bear clothes for sale

Duffy the Disney Bear on a bag

Because of its popularity in Japan, Duffy appeared as a new character at Disney California Adventure Epcot in October 2010, Hong Kong Disneyland in November 2010, and Disneyland Paris in June 2011. Only time will tell if Duffy will become as popular in other countries as it has become in Japan.

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