Eat your potato chips freshly fried at Harajuku’s new Calbee+ shop

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Calbee+ serves freshly fried potato chips and soft serve in Harajuku

On December 7th, Calbee, a leading potato chip manufacturer in Japan, opened a new restaurant in Harajuku called Calbee+. Here, you can choose your very own Calbee potato chips from the menu and it will be made upon order.

Japan has had several food theme parks in the past, including: Yokohama’s Ramen Museum and Curry Museum, Namco’s Ice Cream City and Dessert Republic, and Jiyugaoka’s Sweet Forest. At these theme parks, you can try out small portions of food from the satellite shops of popular restaurants around Japan built inside the park.

Calbee+ is closer to a fast-food restaurant than a park. However, Calbee+ still provides the same enjoyment of eating good food and regret of over-stuffing yourself.

potato chips and croquettes served at calbee+
frying potato chips served at calbee+

Calbee+’s menu include freshly fried potato chips, “poteriko” (Calbee’s take on french fries), croquettes, soft serves, and a variety of topping and flavor options.

freshly fried potato chips at calbee+
freshly fried potato chips with chocolate topping at calbee+
poteriko at calbee+

You can even combine the chips with the soft serve and create yourself a sweet and savory sundae.

potato chips and soft serve combo at calbee+

Their shop also sells packaged chips in unreleased flavors, as well as, chip-related goods like containers for unfinished chips.

potato chips containers sold at calbee+
new potato chips flavors at calbee+

Finally, here’s a pro tip if you’re interested in checking it out: if you decide to go, be sure to order one item at a time, finish your food, then go for seconds. Otherwise, you’ll risk letting the novelty of hot, freshly fried potato chips go to waste.

shop and eating area at calbee+

Calbee+ is located at 1-16-8 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo. They’re open from 9:30 to 20:30, no holidays.

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