Exit through the Man Hole

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Normally, I would advocate that you look up and enjoy the surrounding scenery when you walk. Today, try looking down.

The manholes you see every day as you walk the streets are just as ubiquitous in Japan. The ones in Japan, though, are often unique to its installed location and intricately designed.

There are many websites and blogs devoted to manhole covers in Japan, attesting to the scale of the phenomenon.

-Manhole Encyclopedia
-Manhole Museum
-Manhole Map
-The Research Team of Manhole Covers
-Journal of Sewerage, Monthly

When you have such tremendous pride for the city or town you live in, every effort is made to contribute to its beauty.

Details of above manholes

Row 1 (left to right)
-Warehouses along the river; Sakata, Yamagata
-Farms in Nishi Hirayama, drawn by local children; Hino, Tokyo
-Beach of Kujukuri; Oami Shirosato, Chiba
-Hino, Tokyo

Row 2
-Tachikawa, Tokyo
-Vega and Altair meeting on the Milky Way as in the Tanabata Legend; Fussa, Tokyo
-Kuruma Ningyo, a local tradition of puppeteering; Hachioji, Tokyo
-The town bird, “Kawasemi“; Hino, Tokyo

Row 3
-Intake tower at Lake Tama, known as the most beautiful intake tower in Japan; Higashiyamato, Tokyo
-River clean enough that salmon can come to spawn; Tama, Tokyo
-Scene of people visiting the Ise Shrine; Ise, Mie
-Osaka Castle; Osaka, Osaka

Row 4
-Crane and moss; Kushiro, Hokkaido
-Lavenders; Furano, Hokkaido
-Chitose, Hokkaido
-Modern port of Kobe; Kobe, Hyogo

Row 5
-Eboshi Rock in Chigasaki; Kanagawa
-Peaches and apples, specialty of Nagano; Izukamachi, Nagano
-Salmon is a specialty of Murakami; Niigata
-Deer in Nara; Nara


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