[Friday Japalinks] Best of Japan blogs this week [August 12-18]

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Friday Japanlinks

Every Friday, we scour through the massive piles of content related to Japan published on the interwebs and look for the few tiny gems that had some redeeming glitters worthy of attempting to polish.

If you have an hour to kill before you shoot yourself in the foot waiting for the weekend to begin, browsing through these links might help.

Random news Japan Flix found interesting


Japanese idols, boy bands, anime, tv, and pop culture

The economy, politics, and all that grown-up news

  • [Japan Probe] Kevin Maher Disputes Media Reports About His Views on Okinawans – Maher was the director of the U.S. State Department’s Office of Japan Affairs who got fired for supposedly making some racist comments about local Okinawans. Maher is now trying to defend himself that he never made such remarks and that, in fact, an American professor is trying to slander Maher to further his anti-U.S. base agenda. We don’t know the whole truth yet, but it’s very fascinating.
  • [Japan Real Time] Power Crunch: Kansai’s Close Call – Japan’s been crunching on energy because the shut down of nuclear power facilities nationwide severely diminished the nation’s power capacity. Japan hasn’t seen a power outage yet, but supposedly, it’s getting really close.
  • [Japan Real Time] Jetstar Jumps into Low-Cost Japan Travel – Despite so many people’s wishes to visit Japan, few actually do. The bottleneck is cost. Hopefully, new low-cost airlines will relieve some of the problem.
  • [Japan Probe] Naoto Kan & All Cabinet Ministers Stay Away From Yasukuni Shrine – Japan’s last few prime ministers have been avoiding the controversial Shinto shrine which commemorates war dead on “Shusen Kinenbi” (or VJ Day as it’s known elsewhere) due to the fact that Korea and China will complain about the supposed war criminals who are also recognized as war dead in the shrine. Kan predictably avoided this year as well.
  • [Japan Real Time] Intervention 101: The BOJ Rate Check – An extremely fascinating article about how the government of Japan can intervene in the currency markets without actually intervening

What Japan looked like this week – photos and videos of Japan

  • [Alafista] Tsunami Then and Now – More “then vs now” photos of the earthquake/tsunami affected areas. While these pictures give us hope, we must not overlook that many areas still look exactly the same as the day after the tsunami and they still need our support and aid.
  • [Tofugu] Japan’s Abandoned Amusement Parks [Creepy] – There’s a following in Japan that photographs and shares scenery of abandoned buildings called haikyo. This link is a good intro to them.

Some posts to maybe look at after work [NSFW]

Hope you all enjoy your weekends, everyone. Jeffrey and I will try to do so by avoiding the hell of each other.


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