[Friday Japalinks] Best of Japan blogs this week [August 26-September 1]

Posted on by Japan flix

Friday Japanlinks

Every Friday, we scour through the massive piles of content related to Japan published on the interwebs and look for the interesting ones, so you don’t have to!

Friday afternoons were never easier with your fill of interesting Japanese stories from this week. If you have no social life (like us Japan Flix writers), you may be checking out these links even on the weekend.

Random news Japan Flix found interesting


Japanese idols, boy bands, anime, tv, movies, and pop culture

The economy, politics, and all that grown-up news

What Japan looked like this week – photos and videos of Japan

Some posts to maybe look at after work [NSFW]

Hope you all enjoy your weekends, everyone. Enjoy your weekend now that Irene is gone!


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