Have you noticed Japan Flix’s new movie browsing interface?

Posted on by Jin

Last week, Japan Flix updated the movie browsing page. Just in case you haven’t had a chance to see the new interface, I will explain the updates here in this post!

Now easier to find weekly deals and values

First of all, we made a “cheap deals” section in the new menu on the left and placed it at the top. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find the best deals on Japan Flix! FYI, Japan Flix always has two types of deals going on:

99¢ movies of the week are weekly-alternating, discount movies. We discount them because they’re fantastic films but often overlooked and we want to give people a chance to see them!

Value packs, as we’ve discussed in our post here, are bundles of movies. We rent out several movies that go great together at a discounted price. In addition, you get a longer rental period to watch the included movies. They’re perfect for a movie marathon with friends or even for renting on your own to catch up on a particular genre.

Improved genres to browse movies by

Also on the new lefthand menu are 23 genres to sort movies by! In addition to the usual genres like “horror” or “romance,” Japan Flix has Japanese-movie specific genres like “kaiju,” “yakuza,” and “manga-based.” We’re also constantly on the look-out for genres to add so that you can find the precise movie you’re looking for or discover a movie you might not have thought to look at!

In addition to genres, we’ve made pages for actors and directors. We’ve included the actors, actresses, and directors who we feel deserve their own pages. For example, did you know Japan Flix has movies directed by Academy Award winner Yojiro Takita, movies starring actress Meisa Kuroki, and movies starring Koji Matoba?

View movie details by hovering your mouse over the poster

On the right side of the browsing page, we’ve added a new mouse-over action. When you hover your mouse over a movie, you will get slightly more detailed information like synopsis, genres, and cast. Now, you can read movie details of many different movies without having to go back and forth between movie pages.

If you want to see the trailer, read more about a movie, or you’ve already made your mind that you want to rent the movie, click the poster and you’ll be taken to the movie details.

Toggle mature content on and off

Japan Flix has some content that’s inappropriate for minors (people under age 18). You can toggle whether your results show adult content or not by clicking on the text “include mature content” or “exclude mature content.” The icon with the text “18+” has a line striking it out if the results are currently excluding mature content.

The mature content is primarily “pink movies”, which are a form of erotic, independent film. These films contain sexual imagery but don’t dismiss them as just porn. Pink film is oftentimes quite intelligent.

So that pretty much summarizes the new movie browsing interface. We hope that you like it! Let us know in the comments if you like or dislike the new interface or if you have any further suggestions on how to make it better!


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