Japan Develops Flying Sphere – Quidditch Closer to Reality

Posted on by Jin

Japan continues to prove itself to be the world’s capital for interesting robots. This time the Ministry of Defense developed a flying, soccer ball-sized, spherical robot. It’s small, highly maneuverable, and super cool, as you’ll see from the video.

The stated purpose for developing this was to allow the pilot to see areas where people can’t enter, e.g., disaster areas, inside nuclear reactors, etc. But I think the primary purpose will be for training Jedis.

They say it was built primary from parts found in Akihabara. The total bill came out to roughly $1,000. So, there you go otakus. Go out and build these things to your hearts’ content. But don’t strap your figurines inside, they’ll get all chopped up. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Other bits of info to chew on:

  • The segment, “Trend Tamago” (or “Trend Egg,” ironically enough), was aired on World Business Satellite, a show on TV Tokyo
  • The robot’s max speed is 60km/hr or about 40mph
  • Inside are eight propellers, which allow it to make such precise maneuvers
  • And the reporter is Yuka Aiuchi (相内優香) for your looking up pleasure


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