Japan Flix begins streaming movies directly from its site!

Posted on by Jeffrey

On July 1st, Japan Flix officially began streaming its catalog directly from its site!

We want Japan Flix to be a community where people who love Japanese culture and cinema can come together. Having the movies right on our website will further that.

The site will allow members residing in the United States or Canada to rent and stream movies and TV episodes for 1 day or 5 days. We will stream films at the highest quality available that your internet connection and your screen allow. That includes 1080p for full HD movies like Shisei or Tomie vs Tomie. Membership is free and it only takes a few seconds to join.

Our streaming site will allow us more freedom and flexibility than we’ve had with other outlets. Of course some of our content will still be available through iTunes, Playstation, and Zune. But you’ll find all of our films and more right here at JapanFlix.com!



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  1. With Netflix’s raising prices, and other changes in the way we watch films, this is the best value in watching premeir Asian films. We are proud to be affiliated with such a great and useful service. We look forward to seeing and contributing to JapanFlix’s innovative ways to make films accessible to the masses!

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