Japan Flix December sales rankings are in

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Japan Flix Monthly Sales Rankings

Every month we are always keen to look over stats and see what movies people are buying and renting from us. Are they they ones we thought they’d be? Are they the ones we love? Or are they the ones we hate? So we’ve decided to start publishing our top five because we want to get your opinions on why people are watching the movies they’re watching.

Japan Flix Monthly Sales Ranking: December 2011

Sales from December 1st to December 31st, 2011

Rank Title Genre Cast Year
1 Assault Girls still Assault Girls Action, sci-fi Kuroki Meisa 2009
2 Crows Zero still Crows Zero Action, thriller, drama Oguri Shun, Yamada Takayuki, Kuroki Meisa 2007
3 Filament still Filament Drama Osawa Takao, Matsushige Yutaka 2002

Helldriver still Helldriver Horror, supernatural Hara Yumiko 2010

Shisei still Shisei: The Tatooer Drama, thriller, romance Yoshii Rei 2006

Neighbor 13 still Neighbor No. Thirteen Horror, thriller Oguri Shun 2005

Onechanbara still Onechanbara Action, adventure, drama, horror, mystery Otoguro Eri 2008

Yakuza like a dragon still Yakuza Like a Dragon Action, crime, drama Kitamura Kazuki 2007

Christmas Christmas still Christmas Christmas Comedy, romance Ito Ayumi, Okura Koji 2004

Memoirs of a Lady Ninja still Memoirs of a Lady Ninja Action, adventure, horror, thriller, martial arts Hara Saori 2009

If you missed out on these titles, it’s never too late to catch up on the popular hits! Next month, expect our latest release, khorror DEATH BELL: BLOODY CAMP, to appear on the rankings.


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