Japan Flix horror movies are 25% off!

Posted on by Jeffrey

We’re starting off 2012 with a splatter. All horror movies are 25% off! That includes J-horror classics like Tomie Vs. Tomie and K-horrors like our latest release, Death Bell. Check them out while the bodies are still fresh though, this sale ends January 16th.

Jin recommends


Grotesque: There is a reason this movie is banned in the UK, it’s a sickening, turn-your-head-and-vomit-over-and-over-again masterpiece. This movie is so messed up, after watching it you’re going to want to find religion just to curse the god that would allow something like this to be made. Definitely not for kids, rent this movie at your own risk.

Jeff recommends


Neighbor No. 13: It’s not your typical horror which is good for me because I’m a bit of a wuss. What it lacks in scares, it more than makes up for with a great story and great direction. If there is a cineaste is you, Neighbor No. 13 is a can’t miss.

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