Japan Flix is now offering movie rentals in bundles – that means cheaper prices and more flexibility for you

Posted on by Jin

In the past few weeks, Japan Flix has been adding more options to the rental lineup. Now, instead of renting single movies for 1 or 5 days, we’re offering “value packs” or bundles of multiple movies for longer rental periods.

The new “Value Packs”

The new value packs allow you to rent two or more movies at a reduced price and for longer rental periods. During the rental period, you can watch any of the included movies an unlimited number of times.

Here are some of the value packs you can rent right now:

The Japanese Wife Next Door Value Pack

  • Rental period: 7 day unlimited access
  • What you get: Both parts of the popular Japanese Wife Next Door series by director Yutaka “Mr. Pink” Ikejima
  • Price: $7.00

Groper Train Three Pack

  • Rental period: 10 day unlimited access
  • What you get: Three Groper Train movies by Academy Award winning director, Yojiro Takita AND special features
  • Price: $9.99

Pink Film Super Mega Bundle

  • Rental period: 30 day unlimited access
  • What you get: All 15 pink films that are currently in our pink film lineup
  • Price: $29.99

Value Packs can be a great deal for you

What I think is great about the new value packs is that not only are they cheaper, value packs give you more flexibility on when you can watch and re-watch movies. For example, with the Groper Train Three Pack, not only am I saving $5 by renting the pack over renting the films individually, I get to watch the movies in any order, any number of times during a ten day rental period. I can rent the pack on a Friday and still watch any of the three included movies during the following two weekends!

So, check out the value packs in our entire collection of Japanese movies! As of now, we only have value packs for pink films, but the non-pink bundles are coming very shortly. Stay posted!


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