Japan Flix makes movies, Teke Teke, Ghost Shout, and The Quiet Don free through August 14th [PROMO IS DONE!]

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Stream Japanese movies for free on Japan Flix

Stream Japanese movies for free on Japan Flix

Stream Japanese movies for free on Japan Flix

We announced Teke Teke and Ghost Shout are free this week to anyone who signs up for a Japan Flix account. We are happy to announce The Quiet Don: A New Chapter, Vol. 1 is also FREE through August 14th.

The Quiet Don: A New Chapter, Vol. 1, a hilarious slapstick comedy everyone will enjoy!

Ghost Shout is free on Japan Flix

Mild-mannered Shizuya Kondo lives a normal life, occupied with his dreary office job as a women’s underwear designer. But, he also happens to be the only son of the leader of the biggest criminal organization in the Kanto region… and when his father is murdered by a rival gang, Shizuya is forced to become the new head of his yakuza family! Working as a businessman by day and a yakuza boss by night, Shizuya finally begins to realize his true potential. But, things take an unexpected turn when Akemi, his secret office-crush, is suddenly kidnapped. Watch Trailer

Watch The Quiet Don: A New Chapter, Vol. 1 now!

Ghost Shout, a funny horror-rom-com, perfect for watching with a date, family, or group of friends

Ghost Shout is free on Japan Flix

Saori Takizawa stars as Yoko Sakaki: 24 years old. Occupation: Ghost Negotiator. With her tomboyish attitude and severely bad mouth, she helps ghosts leave this world by shouting at them. But, that work is almost done – she and her boyfriend Toshio are about to get married, and their dream is to open a tofu shop together. However, she has kept her profession a secret from him, instead telling him she is a flight attendant… While out with him one night, Yoko gets a call from work telling her that a ghost has appeared in Hachioji… She goes to bust the ghost with her unreliable new partner, Yanagida, but can she hold on to her relationship at the same time? Watch Trailer

Watch Ghost Shout now!

Yuko Oshima stars in the chilling summer horror flick, Teke Teke

Yuko Oshima stars in Japan Flix's free movie Teke Teke

Yuko Oshima (of Japanese pop sensation AKB48) stars as Kana, a schoolgirl whose normal life is turned upside-down when her best friend is found brutally murdered, having been cut completely in half at the waist. Soon, Kana hears about the urban legend of “Teke Teke,” the ghost of a legless woman who was found dismembered years ago and now haunts the railway station. If you see her, in three days you will be killed. In a race against time, Kana must search for the truth in order to escape the horrific fate that awaits her. Watch Trailer

Watch Teke Teke now!

We are really proud of our streaming service and want to give everyone a chance to try it out. All you need to do to be part of the promotion is become a member. Membership is free and only takes minutes to join; no credit card required. Then when you’re ready to watch your free movies, you’ll only need an internet connection and a Flash enabled device.

Enjoy these three free movies though next weekend and stay up-to-date with strange, weird, and interesting Japanese news by subscribing to the Japan Flix blog! Our writers know Japan. They get the latest info. They’re bored.



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