Japan Flix partners with Well Go USA – first title Helldriver available November 22nd

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Helldriver on Japan Flix

Exciting news: Japan Flix has partnered with Asian cinema distributor, Well Go USA! This means that Well Go USA’s best and newest Japanese movies — which include Geisha Assassin, Zaborgar, Tormented, and many others — will be available to stream on Japan Flix!

On Tuesday, November 22nd, Japan Flix will release Well Go’s latest movie, Helldriver. Watch it on Japan Flix before anyone else!

If you get it, you get it – bloody, black humor from the creative mind behind Tokyo Gore Police

Helldriver is not for everyone. It’s directed, edited, and “special effect”-ed by Yoshihiro Nishimura, a name you may recognize from his other bloody film, Tokyo Gore Police.

Nishimura’s movies aren’t the classics from Akira Kurosawa or the heartwarming family movies of Koki Mitani or the summer rom-coms like Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World. Helldriver has blood squirting everywhere, a campy plot, highly unrealistic special effects, and according to some commentators, a deeper underlying message.

Helldriver is categorized as horror, but it’s really a comedy. The point of Helldriver is to laugh at the absolute absurdity of what’s happening on the screen. As Twitch puts it, Helldriver “blows all boundaries of decency, good taste and proper film making. And yet, the result is every bit as crazy and hilarious as you’d come to expect.” It’s the genre of film that’s just great to watch with a group of friends on a Friday night with beer and pizza.

The plot: zombies, revenge, and a katana-chainsaw

Helldriver begins with Kika, played by Yumiko Hara, witnessing her evil mother, Rikka, played by Eihi Shiina, kill her father. The moment Kika accepts that she is next, a miracle occurs: an object falls from the sky and pierces Rikka’s body. Rikka, instead of keeling over dead, with incredible evilness pulls Kika’s heart out of her body with her bare hands and embeds it into herself. Rikka becomes a zombie and soon a zombie epidemic spreads across northern Japan.

The movie follows Kika, as she wakes up a year later on the northern side of a gigantic fence built by the government to quarantine the zombies. She notices that someone has given her an artificial heart. Attached to the heart by a long tube is a kanata-sword-chainsaw! With her new weapon in hand, she vows to destroy her mother.

More movies to come from the Sushi Typhoon series

Helldriver was made by a Japanese film production company specialized in genre movies called Sushi Typhoon. They’re a subsidiary of Nikkatsu, which is, of course, Japan’s oldest and most well known film production house.

Sushi Typhoon coming to Japan Flix

So far, Sushi Typhoon’s other movies have included Geisha Assassin (AKA Geisha vs Ninjas) and Mutant Girls Squad. These are already available in the U.S.

Several additional movies have been released in Japan in the past two years: Cold Fish, Deadball, Karate-Robo Zaborgar, and Yakuza Weapon. Expect many of them and more to be in Japan Flix’s catalog soon!

Let us know if you’re excited about Helldriver or any of the other movies in the Sushi Typhoon series. Leave a comment below or talk to us on twitter (@twitter) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/japanflix).


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