Japan Flix streaming is temporarily down??? WTF!

Posted on by Jeffrey

Sorry folks some necessary maintenance needs to be done. For the next couple of weeks we won’t be able to accept credit cards.

For those that have already purchased movies or were given free streaming service through a promotion, you’ll be able to stream movies for however long you rented them for.

And don’t worry. If you had your credit card information stored on our site, your info is safe and sound; we’re just implementing a new payment service.

Many of our movies are available through the iTunes Store, so feel free to head to iTunes and check out great J-horrors like Teke Teke and Tomie Vs. Tomie, the holiday comedy Christmas Christmas, or our action movies like Prisoner 07: Reina and Seifuku Survivor Girl.

Oh and we’ll still be Tweeting and Facebooking, so check in daily; keep in touch and cheer us up with funny quips.



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