Japanese Mad Men – dressing dapper in 20th century Japan

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Man men attire in Japan

Despite my complete lack of interest in men’s fashion, I haven’t gone completely unaware of the recent rise in the Mad Men look, the well groomed and masculine fashion style of working men particularly in the 1950s.

Early Japanese mad men

However, I’ve noticed that dapper men outside the States have been completely neglected. Obviously, the Europeans had the “Mad Men” look, just like Americans. Less obvious perhaps is that Japan is also among the Western nations who looked awesome in sharp suits and slick haircuts.

For folks who aren’t familiar with Japanese history, Japan joined the league of Western nations in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. The dramatic change from the 250 years of feudalism and isolationism to world power was achieved through massive efforts by Japanese leaders to adopt Western technology and government. Factories, railroads, democracy, and capitalism weren’t the only customs that Japan adopted. Even Western clothing and grooming became widespread.

Take a look at some fantastic pictures that 2chan, our favorite source of Japan news and trends, has round up of Japanese Mad Men. The thread is titled “Check out my collection of studs in modern Japan.” Hover your mouse over the image to see the subject’s name.

Heihachiro Togo, Navy Admiral
Yoshimoto Hanabusa, diplomat
Jutaro Komura, statesman

Katsunan Kuga, journalist
Hidemaro Okuma, educator
Kumagusu Minakata, author and naturalist
Kozui Otani, abbot and adventurist
Takuma Dan, director-general of Mitsui
Ryunosuke Akutagawa, writer
Torahiko Kori, playwrite
Uzaemon Ichimura, kabuki actor
Yoshie Fujiwara, opera tenor
Sessue Hayakawa, Hollywood actor
Tomu Uchida, movie director
Anjiro Ozu, movie director
Shuzo Kuki, philosopher
Koichi Kishi, composer
Masa'aki Inuma, aviator

For more pictures, check out the whole 2chan thread.



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