[2chers respond] Japanese players create lines inside of an MMORPG

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2chan responds to the English-speaking internet

English blog, Sankaku Complex, posted a translation of a 2chan thread discussing lines forming inside of an MMORPG.

The screenshots posted in the thread show virtual characters – each of which represents an actual player somewhere in the world – lining up in a virtual world. They are lining up in order to encounter a rare event that players must experience in order to progress in the game or for obtaining precious items.

The English-speaking commenters on Sankaku respond predictably with ridicule and disbelief.

2chan responds to the English comments on Sankaku.

Japanese players lining up inside of an MMORPG

Japanese players lining up inside of an MMORPG
Japanese players lining up inside of an MMORPG
Japanese players lining up inside of an MMORPG

The 2chan response

KoollKat: Waist money and time on queueing in a *game*?.. That’s odd.
2chan: Playing games is a waste of money and time already
2chan: I get excited in a line when it’s almost my turn
2chan: Online games are reality
2chan: Japan is a country where if you line up, you are guaranteed happiness. That’s why everyone lines up. Otherwise, we wouldn’t line up. Understand the difference in society.
2chan: Queuing is a virtue. But why do we have to queue to battle a monster? Just let us fight lol
2chan: The fun of online games is chatting. So it’s probably really fun just lining up and chatting with the guy behind you in line.
2chan: No, it’s silent on the line.
2chan: If we line up, we’re guaranteed to be able to play. If we cut the line, people will whisper about me later on. Also, I might not succeed in cutting. In the end, lining up is the most efficient option.
2chan: Don’t play such a game! lol
2chan: I’m playing games to enjoy myself. If I had to worry about people cutting in line, it wouldn’t be fun anymore.
2chan: This is ridiculous that we have to line up for monsters. They’re not monsters anymore, they’re just fish in a fishing ground.
2chan: This is a good article. Every time I see the lines forming in FF11, it brings a smile to my face. I had fun, those times I lined up with my friends.
2chan: If you have the time to be lining up in a game, line up at Hello Work (the employment office).
2chan: Don’t go there.

Sankaku Complex, Itai News


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