Japanese store to sell special New Year’s meal. Only $230,000.

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For the uninitiated, every January 1 families across Japan spend time together and enjoy the traditional meal, “Osechi.” Generally, osechi are recognizable by their special boxes and their colorful layout of snack-sized meats, fish, and vegtables.

This year, Japanese department store Takashimaya decided to do something a little extra by offering a special osechi in line with their 180th anniversary. Priced at 18,000,000 yen ($230,000), the meal will feature dishes from some of Japan’s finest restaurants.

The bulk of the expense will go into the jūbako, the special box osechi are served in. The three-tier 7.87 inch by 7.87 inch 18-carat gold box will be fashioned by famous Japanese goldsmith, Koichi Ishikawa. Also, Japanese sculpture, Hoseki Okuyama (designated a living national treasure) will design and hand carve vines of grape leaves and chunks of grapes into the gold.

Takashimaya will start accepting orders in October and up to three sets will be available. Mark your calendars!


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