Junk-food-ization of the Japanese diet continues with KFC Chicken Skin Bowl

Posted on by Jin

We have mentioned the increasingly junky diet of Japanese people on Japan Flix before. This new creation, I totally embrace.

A blogger at RocketNews24 uploaded the above picture and a video of himself eating just the skin of KFC fried chicken. I’m sure everyone has at one point thought, “Man, I wish I could just peel the skin off and eat that alone.” Now that we are adults, we no longer have oppressive parents preventing us from doing so. This is just a document of one man fulfilling his childhood dreams.

Being Japanese, he of course wanted to eat it with white rice:

Source: RocketNew24 (Japanese only)


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  1. This reminds me of a story I end up telling every once in a while: as many may know, Japanese health/beauty TV shows extolling some sort of food that is rich in some sort of vitamin, herb, or mineral are very common in Japan. For example, when I was in Japan in 2002, there was a show about blueberries and how they were full of antioxidants which are thought to help guard against cancer, etc. The next week or so after that show aired, you couldn’t find a single blueberry at the markets in Tokyo and probably for a while until people realized how expensive blueberries really were.

    So, one day, I see a show about collagen, a protein found in animal flesh. They were saying that eating collagen-rich foods (essentially meat, I guess) was especially good for the skin blah blah blah. Fast forward one week later, and I go to a local izakaya near my apartment with the usual menu of izakaya fare: sushi, small salads, broiled fish, etc. Except, over all of the dishes that have chicken skin, which is the worst part of the chicken to eat, such as karaage, yakitori no torikawa, etc. they placed little signs reading “high in collagen! Healthy!”

  2. Are you saying that KFC fried chicken skin is not good for your skin? Look how shiny it makes it!? Especially when you directly rub it on your forehead!

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