Jurassic Japan: Japan and Russia are going to clone a woolly mammoth

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“Alright! Let’s get this shit done!” is what scientists in Russia and Japan exclaimed after years of research and planning.

After the discovery of a mammoth thigh bone in Siberia in August, scientists from the Sakha Republic’s mammoth museum and Japan’s Kinki University believe that with the well-preserved bone marrow, they’ll be able to extract the undamaged nuclei needed to be successful. They’ll use the mammoth nuclei in conjunction with an elephant’s egg from which the elephant nuclei have been removed. Then inserting the egg into an elephant with the hope that it’ll give birth to a baby mammoth.

Research began in the 90′s but due to global warming, the usually permanently frozen ground in Siberia has thawed the ground and a rash of discoveries of frozen mammoth has sped up progress. The mammoth went extinct about 10000 years ago

Thanks global warming!

Woolly Mammoth

[via Enchanted Learning, PHYSORG.COM]


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