KFC Double Down’s got nothing on Japan’s top 7 fast food guilty pleasures

Posted on by Jin

I’ve always been of the personal opinion that Japan will be more obese than the U.S. in the next decade or two. What with their obsession with putting piles of fried food on carbs- kara’age bento, katsu curry, tendons

Take a look at these fast food menu items hitting Japanese chains this summer that are only going to speed the process along. Courtesy of the fine journalism of the WSJ: Japan’s Top 7 Fast Food Guilty Pleasures.

Exhibit A. Mt. Fuji burger – R Burger

The mad scientists who made this one proudly proclaims it “completely ignores healthy concepts” in its description on the menu (ヘルシーコンセプトを完全無視) – R Burger

Exhibit B. Tower Cheese Burger – Lotteria

At 10 patties tall, it’ll cost you 15 bucks and over 1,800 calories. But don’t sweat it – it comes with a drink – Lotteria

Exhibit C. Quatro I Love Meat – Domino’s Pizza Japan

The “Giga Meat” is also impressive but of a bit more familiar hue than this one. The fact that I’m giving you the direct link to the order page isn’t an invitation to order it to our offices – Domino’s Pizza


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