Latest rollercoaster from Fuji-Q makes record-breaking 120 degree angle drop

Posted on by Jin

Fuji-Q Highland, one of Japan’s most famous amusement parks, is launching yet another world-record-setting roller coaster on July 16th. It’s called the Takabisha.

In the past, Fuji-Q has set world records in height, drop, and speed with FUJIYAMA; acceleration with DODONPA; and number of inversion with Eejanaika.

This time, Takabisha not only sets a world record with the roller coaster’s steepness, it also manages to redefine our common sense that 90 degrees is the steepest a roller coaster can get. Takabisha careens more than a mere perpendicular drop, but even further at an angle of 120 degrees. In other words, you fall head first.

Experience the ride yourself next week. Or, better yet, watch it on youtube. The drop in question is at the 2:12 mark.

Here are some numbers:

  • Construction budget – 30M USD
  • Length – 1,000m
  • Max speed – 100km/hr
  • Max drop angle – 121 degrees
  • Duration – 112 sec
  • Price – 10 USD (or free with unlimited park pass)

And another video: not the Takabisha, but also incredible – the above-mentioned Eejanaika

More videos at the official Fuji Q website (Sorry, Japanese only).


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