Let’s Answer a Few Questions

Posted on by Jeffrey

Japan Flix has been officially up-and-running for almost a week. As I perused the sites where reviews have been posted or where Japan Flix has been covered, I noticed a lot of the same questions. Let’s see if we can clear some stuff up.

1. Are there subtitles? Are they dubbed?
No dubs. Are we all in agreement? Live-action movies should NEVER be dubbed. They are all subtitled in English though. And we’re not trying to pawn off some chintzy-cheap-ass computer generated subtitles. We put a lot of time and effort into them. Some of the discussions we’ve had in-house on how to subtitle something border on the ridiculous.

2. Are your films only available through iTunes?
No! All of our films are available to stream through our website and some are available via Zune!

3. Are the movies free?
No. It takes time and money to make a movie. Stop your whining.

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