Neko Cafe

Posted on by Motoko

Cat roster at "Nekorobi" in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Tokyo is notorious for high prices and small housing. The average apartment size for singles is about 20 sq. m (215 sq. ft). So, rooming with a furry friend is out of the question for most.

Here’s where Neko Cafe comes in: Neko Cafe (Cats Cafe) is a cafe where you can enjoy a cat’s relaxing company outside the confinement of a crowded Japanese apartment. The cafes are a growing trend in Japan with about 50 of them just in Tokyo.

The system is simple: for an hourly rate ($10-15/ an hour), you can order drinks and enjoy quality time with as many cats as you like! Usually there are 10 to 30 cats at one Neko Cafe, depending on the size, so it won’t be difficult to find your favorite cat. But for those who are really serious, there is a Neko Cafe search website where you can find a perfect match by area or breed of cat. Some cats even have their own email address, so you can send emails if you really like them.

Paying money to play with cats (and sending emails to cats) may sound a little strange but it’s purrfect for cat lovers who can’t keep them in their homes!


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