New movie coming to Japan Flix tonight: Korean horror Death Bell Bloody Camp

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korean horror movie death bell bloody camp

Tomorrow is New Years day! I hope you’re happily wrapping up 2011 and looking forward to the new year. Japan Flix will be starting 2012 by releasing a new movie at the stroke of midnight! The new movie, called Death Bell: Bloody Camp, is Japan Flix’s first Korean movie and is the exciting second installment of the widely popular 2008 horror Death Bell. And since we are running our 50% off holiday promotion till the 5th, now is your limited chance to watch Bloody Camp at the significantly reduced price of $1.99.

Death Bell, the silent 2008 hit horror

screenshot of death bell

Death Bell, or originally Gosa in Korean, is a Battle Royale-like horror-thriller which became a quiet hit in Korea in the summer of 2008. While the director himself admits to sloppy filmmaking, Death Bell was well received for its unique kills, creative plot, and slick visuals.

The movie takes place in a high school as a group of twenty students study for midterm exams, called gosa. The group is suddenly shaken into a violent game of survival when the television screen in the classroom displays their classmate trapped in a fish tank slowly filling with water. A voice over the intercom announces that the boy will be killed and even more will follow, if the students cannot answer the mysterious voice’s questions correctly.

The themes and aesthetics of Death Bell resemble other hits such as the aforementioned Battle Royale and Black Rat for its classmate elimination game environment; Saw for the sadistic and maniacal mystery killer; and Final Destination for its inventive kills; and even a little Ring for its characteristically Asian ghost girl. Death Bell owes its success to its ability to mix these influences and create something new.

Bloody Camp is the stand-alone sequel

screenshot of death bell bloody camp

Bloody Camp is the 2010 sequel to Death Bell. Bloody Camp has a new director, new cast, new characters, and new plot. Whether you’re a fan of the previous movie or a newcomer to the Death Bell series, you can enjoy Bloody Camp.

In Bloody Camp, we are again treated to a classmate elimination game based loosely around the high-pressure examination system of Korea. At an elite summer study session, a group of 30 students run for their survival as a mystery killer murders students one by one until the students can satisfactorily answer why they are receiving this revenge.

For you kpop fans, Death Bell stars T-ara’s Park Ji-yeon. It’s her first major role in a feature film. Alongside Jiyeon are kdrama heavy weights Kim Su-Ro; king of baking, Kim Si-Yoon; and Park Eun-bin. Even if you’ve mostly been a jmovie / jdrama, Bloody Camp offers you the chance to get a glimpse of what the fuss for Korean stars is about, while the feel of the movie will be familiar and comfortable.

Death Bell Bloody Camp poster

Death Bell: Bloody Camp is available on Japan Flix to stream starting January 1st, 2012. Watch the movie as many times as you like starting from $3.99. For a limited time only, Bloody Camp will be available for $1.99. Get your rental or read more about Bloody Camp.

Rental requires making an account with Japan Flix which is absolutely free. Learn more about Japan Flix.


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