New movies coming to Japan Flix; includes Takashi Miike films Crows Zero, Visitor Q, and more

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New titles on Japan Flix

If you’ve been maniacally hitting that F5 key – wearing it down to a mere nub of a key – to check whether the “Coming Soon” page has been updated or not, then you already have noticed the good news.

Otherwise, if you’re a sane but generally interested customer of ours, here’s the good news: Japan Flix is getting some new titles thanks to our partnership with Media Blasters. We’ve got a tentative list of twenty Japanese movies, anime, and series coming your way.

Our first batch of new titles includes a couple big-names from the Japanese cult movie giant, Takashi Miike. Man, what a badass he is. Look at his photo. Movies like Crows Zero, Ichi the Killer, and Visitor Q are going to be streaming on Japan Flix as soon as next week tomorrow.

Anyways, enough talking. Head on over to the movie pages below and check out the trailers and synopses and leave a comment or two. We’ll be adding stills to the pages very, very soon.

Visitor QIchi the KillerCrows ZeroThe Machine GirlGrotesqueGod's Left Hand Devil's Right Hand


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