New York Comic Con Drawing!

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New York Comic Con Winners

Every day this week we’ll be announcing a winner! Just check the card you got at Comic Con and if your number matches the one selected, email us a pic at!

Monday’s winner > #357
Tuesday’s winner > #112
Wednesday’s winner > #416
Thursday’s winner > #185
Friday’s winner > #211

Contest rules


Friday morning at Comic Con, we handed out some cards to passers-by and if you look closely, there is a three digit number written on the card. That’s right, the card is also a raffle ticket!

Starting next Monday, Japan Flix will be drawing 5 numbers, one each day, and those lucky card holders will be eligible for unlimited access to our entire collection for one week!

All you have to do is email a photo of your card with the winning number on it and you’ll get one week of free streaming. We’ll even let you pick when your week of free movies starts!

  • Who’s eligible: Anyone living in the U.S. or Canada
  • Contest rules: Look for the number written in sharpie on the Japan Flix card you received at Comic Con. From Oct. 17th to Oct. 21st, we will be drawing numbers and announcing them on the Japan Flix blog every day. If your number matches, you win. One winner each day, five winners in total!
  • How to claim the prize: Email us at with a photo of your winning card

Don’t try to cheat us though… We have our own sneaky ways of figuring out whether you forged your card or not!



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