Nissin opens new Cup Noodles museum in Yokohama. College students rejoice.

Posted on by Jeffrey

Who doesn’t remember the hard-boiled nights of university life. No cash, no food, surviving on instant ramen for weeks at a time.

Chicken Instant Ramen

Well, now the next time you’re in Yokohama you can celebrate instant ramen with a visit to the Cup Noodles Museum. The museum opened last Saturday in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Momofuku Ando’s, Cup Noodles and is huge at around 107,600 square feet. It includes exhibits such as “Cup Noodles Park” for children to play in, the “History Cube” which shows the history of instant ramen from its humble beginnings, and there is also the “Chikan Ramen Factory” where you can learn how to make your own instant ramen.

Chikan Ramen Factory

The museum also exhibits packages of instant noodles from all over the world.

Cup Noodles Museum

For those who weren’t aware, the museum in Yokohama is actually the second of its kind. The Momofuku Ando Museum Instant Ramen Museum opened in Osaka in 1999 and admission is free. They also allow you to make your own Cup Noodles!



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