Screen a Japan Flix movie at your school

Organize a successful Japanese movie event!

Why have a movie event with Japan Flix?

  • Successful movie events are easy to organize
  • Japan Flix has a large catalog of movies for all kinds of audiences
  • It's free! Japan Flix charges nothing for exhibition rights!

Organizing an event is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Contact Japan Flix
    Tell us about your school or organization, what kind of event you're thinking about, and what movie you would like to screen. If you haven't decided, we'll create a temporary streaming account with access to movies for free to help you choose.
  2. Receive the DVD from Japan Flix
    Japan Flix will send you a package with a DVD of the movie of your choice and some promotional goods to hand out at the event.
  3. Plan the other details as you like
    You can make the event as original as you like. We won't breath down your neck. But that means you have the responsibility of reserving a space, preparing refreshments, and advertising the event on campus. If you can handle that, you're set!

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