Our Most Heartfelt Thoughts Go Out to Japan

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Source: Sankei News

By now, I’m sure that most of you have heard the news. A magnitude 9 earthquake has struck northeastern Japan. The quake and the ensuing tsunami have caused incredible destruction, a tragic death toll, and fears of meltdown in a nearby nuclear power plant.

However, the people of Japan are showing tremendous strength and courage. We are seeing the experts at the Fukushima power plant putting their lives on the line to contain the situation. We are seeing that the people in the affected areas are remaining civil. There is no looting or heightening of crime. Citizens in the rest of Japan are contributing to the effort with voluntary power saving measures, efforts so effective that power companies have not had to enforce their rolling blackouts.

The following tweets from Japan exemplify the overwhelming resolve amongst the Japanese.


“Yesterday at the Aobadai station, people unable to return home were flooding the station. A man in a car was letting people in calling, “People headed in the XX direction!” “We’re all in this together!” @ryoshun49

“I was tired waiting on the platform for the train, when a homeless man gave me a cardboard box to fend off the cold. Even though normally I ignore them. I feel warm.” @aquarius_rabbit

“Last night, I had to walk home from the university. Way past closing hours, the lady at the bakery was handing out free bread. Even in this chaos, there are people looking for ways that they can help out. It’s heartwarming. Tokyo’s not such a bad place after all.” @ayakishimoto

“The jam was so bad, only one car could pass every time the signal turned green. Despite that, everyone was giving each other their way. At a complicated crossing, traffic would be paralyzed for over 5 min. In 10 hours, I only heard the horn honk solely to thank someone. In that single moment, I felt both fear and warmth. I love Japan even more.” @micakom

“At Disneyland, the shops were handing out candy. A slightly flashy girl was taking more than necessary. I thought, “wth,” but then saw she was passing out the candy to the children in the shelter. The parents couldn’t leave their children and were unable to get food. I was moved by their thoughtful acts.” @unosuke

“My kid sister came home crying today. I asked her why. Hearing the scary stories on the earthquake, she spent all the money she had saved to buy me a gift for my acceptance into college on donations. I couldn’t respond to her cries of apology.” not12

“My 2 year old boy put on his shoes and tried to head out. ‘I’m arresting the earthquake!’ I’m strengthened by the courage and sense of justice that resides in his little body. Everyone, stay strong and lets get through this.” @hirata_hironobu

Source: Pray4Japan, Togetter


Our thoughts are with those who were affected.

And we are rooting for the brave men and women who are helping out on the ground.

-Japan Flix

Visit Google’s crisis response website for specific information on the disaster – from how to donate to links to message boards.


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