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No, it’s not the name of a new move people are trying out in bed. It’s the Japanese name for bubble wrap.

The Japanese business paper, Makoto, published an interesting article about Kawakami Sangyo, the leading manufacturer of bubble wrap in Japan. They have a 50% share over the Japanese market and over $100M in sales in 2010.

It turns out those bubble wraps have many other interesting uses other than safeguarding your packages from the rough-handling USPS.

Kawakami recently donated 18 thousands square meters of bubble wrap to the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami. The bubble wrap, it turns out, has a heat-retaining quality. This makes it an effective blanket for those thousand people still living in gymnasiums. The above flyer was attached to the package, explaining the other uses of bubble wrap in the stricken areas.

In the past, Japanese bubble wrap manufacturers donated their product to the Chilean workers trapped in the copper mines. They had used it in the mines as a form of stress relief.

Japan’s creativity and ingenuity is being pushed during these difficult times as more practical needs have to be fulfilled instead of producing things like this.

Source: Business Media Makoto



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  1. Nice Blog with Excellent information

  2. I guess its better than nothing, but have you ever slept covered by plastic or on top of something covered in plastic? It doesn’t breath or absorb so you wake up soaking wet. Merely laying under it might work, but being wrapped might steam you like broccoli lol.

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