Rock in Ishimaki stands the test of time and the earthquake

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Ishimaki shrine rock

In Miyagi prefecture’s Ishimaki, a giant boulder teeters on a ledge seemingly about to fall at any minute. The 14 meter wide rock is situated next to the steps that lead up to Tsuriishi Shrine. Since the Edo period, the surrounding townspeople have treasured the rock and its endurance through the 1978 Miyagi earthquake and this year’s 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

Quick Japanese lesson:
“Ochiru (落ちる),” the verb “to fall,” is also means “to fail” or “to be rejected (from a school/college).”

College applicants have been visiting the rock to ask for help from what they now see as the “god of college admissions.” In the first three days of 2011 alone, the rock saw 6 thousand visitors.

Having withstood another giant earthquake this year, the rock’s street cred is bound to up another notch.

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