Strapya’s iPhone cases realistically imitate everyone’s favorite Japanese cuisines

Posted on by Jin

For Japanese people, summertime is often associated with eating eel. So, now that it’s almost July, of course it’s only topical to make a perfect three dimensional replica of broiled eel basked in sticky, sweet unagi sauce over rice and glue that to your iPhone case.

Wait, what?

This unagi strap and other “food sample” iPhone decorations were made by Strapya, a Japanese online store specializing in cell phone accessories. If you’ve been to Japan before, you also know Japan’s obsession with plastic food samples.

Below are some more of their delicious-looking creations.

Chocolate cake

Niku Jaga


If you really want to get your hands on one of these cases, you could probably go through a package forwarding service like White Rabbit Express.

Source: Unplggd



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