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[Trailer Watch] Zombie Ass will bombard you with shit joke after shit joke

I recently wrote an article about how only certain types of Japanese movies make it to Western audiences. I argued that it’s because of big bad companies. Those one percenters. They select films based solely on the bottom line. They’re … Continue reading

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[Trailer Watch] FLY! Heibon na Kiseki is a cute comedy about aliens we never usually hear about: the losers

If you’re looking for a cute little comedy to watch, check out FLY! Heibon na Kiseki coming out in theaters in Japan in March. Fly is an adorable-looking rom-com about Mitsuo, an introverted factory worker who’s never had a real … Continue reading

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[Trailer watch] Oguri Shun, Yakusho Koji in a dramedy about making a zombie film

Yakusho Koji and Oguri Shun star in drama comedy about an unlikely friendship between a lumberjack and a zombie film director. Continue reading

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