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The Japan Society is full of love this spring

Love Will Tear Us Apart runs from March 2nd through the 18th Continue reading

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Something is off about comedian Itsuji Itao’s new film, Gekko no Kamen

There’s something “off” about comedian Itsuji Itao’s second directorial film, Gekko No Kamen, which is seeing its release on January 14th. There’s an unsettling clash between the serious tone of the movie and the comedy that the movie is originally based upon. But I’m liking it. Continue reading


Waterboys director brings us another comedy, this time about grandpa robot called Robo-G

Director Shinobu Yaguchi’s latest film, Robo-G, comes out in theaters on January 14th. Other than the fact that it’s brought to you by the same director who made Waterboys, it’s got a fantastic cast including Yurika Yoshitaka, Mickey Curtis, and Naoto Takenaka, and a cute, funny premise that’s sure to deliver. Continue reading


You can always look forward to “Always Sunset on Third Street”

You can look forward to the third installment of the “Always Sunset on Third Street.” Heartwarming plot, familiar characters, and an aesthetically beautiful backdrop. Continue reading