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[New Film Release] Pink Subaru now available in the USA from Japan Flix

Japan Flix is excited to announce that its latest title, Pink Subaru, is available to rent and download on all the usual streaming suspects – iTunes, Xbox, and Amazon! Pink Subaru tells the story of Elzober, an Arab sushi chef … Continue reading


[New Film Release] Japan Flix releases new film Perfect Education: Hong Kong Affair

NEW YORK, NY (July 1, 2013) – Japan Flix, the boutique online Japanese film distributor based in Brooklyn, New York, announced today that the classic 2002 film PERFECT EDUCATION: HONG KONG AFFAIR is available for rental and purchase to U.S. … Continue reading


[Trailer Watch] Sorry, another Oguri Shun movie, but this one looks so awesome too

Out in theaters in May is another Oguri Shun movie called Uchu Kyodai or Space Brothers. Seems like I’ve been writing about Oguri Shun a lot lately, with Arakawa Under the Bridge, which hit theaters last weekend, and The Woodsman … Continue reading

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Yakuza Weapon coming to Japan Flix very soon – latest and greatest Sushi Typhoon yet

Coming out very soon for rental on Japan Flix is action-comedy Yakuza Weapon. It’s the latest U.S. release of the infamous production company, Sushi Typhoon. Here’s a quick look into what’s in store for you if you rent this film. Continue reading

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[Trailer watch] Oguri Shun, Yakusho Koji in a dramedy about making a zombie film

Yakusho Koji and Oguri Shun star in drama comedy about an unlikely friendship between a lumberjack and a zombie film director. Continue reading

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Japan’s modern day Apollo 13 starring Ken Watanabe in theaters February 11

This February, Hayabusa: Harukanaru Kikan will tell the story of the efforts to bring space probe Hayabusa home on the big screen. Continue reading

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[In theaters in this weekend] Arakawa Under the Bridge THE MOVIE

Arakawa Under the Bridge comes out in theaters this weekend. It’s a heartwarming drama with big actors in funny supporting roles. Continue reading


This year’s big romance starring Yoshitaka Yuriko and Ikuta Toma is Bokura ga Ita

Yoshitaka Yuriko, Ikuta Toma costar in Bokura ga Ita, the latest sad Japanese romance to come out this March Continue reading