Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co. shows off beautifully designed staff uniforms

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Sky Tree Staff Uniforms 1

November 4th, 200 days before the Sky Tree opens in May 2012, a press event was held to introduce the beautiful uniforms of Sky Tree staff.

From award-winning fashion designer Akira Minagawa, the uniforms have a slightly retro-futuristic feel with flat blues and grassy greens dominating the color scheme. As you can see in the pictures, many of the uniforms have a triangle print and those that don’t, maintain a triangular profile such as with the hat of the “Information Counter Staff” or the one-piece worn by “Ticket Counter Staff.” The triangle is the geometric representation of the Sky Tree and similar to the shape of an an evergreen. The uniforms are all domestically produced wool, linen, and cotton.

Minagawa said that one of his goals was to create uniforms that would attract people to working at the Sky Tree. Personally, I think they look great. They have a sense of style yet I think the designs are timeless. Also, the colors and patterns are easy on the eyes. Overall, I think the uniforms convey the relaxing and fun atmosphere the designer was going for.

Sky Tree Facility Guide Staff

Sky Tree Information Counter Staff

Sky Tree Ticket Counter Staff

Sky Tree Gift Shop Staff

[via House of Japan, The Superslice]


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