[Trailer Watch] FLY! Heibon na Kiseki is a cute comedy about aliens we never usually hear about: the losers

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Fly Heibon na Kiseki

If you’re looking for a cute little comedy to watch, check out FLY! Heibon na Kiseki coming out in theaters in Japan in March.

Fly Heibon na Kiseki still

Fly is an adorable-looking rom-com about Mitsuo, an introverted factory worker who’s never had a real relationship with a girl. He carries a picture of Nanami, a girl in the office who he secretly has a crush on.

One day, Mitsuo discovers a spaceship and the green-skinned, white-haired alien inside. Shikata the alien, like Mitsuo, is a “loser” who similarly bares a crush on a girl he never has a chance with. Hilarity ensues as the two understand and find solace in each other.

Expect the typical plot twists and turns such as Shikata’s capture by the government and, of course, Mitsuo and Nanami’s deepening relationship.

The beauty and the beast cast is comprised of the pretty Aibu Saki, the oafish comedian Koyabu Kazutoyo, and thinly-haired Nukumizu Yoichi. The supporting cast is also pretty strong with notables including Nishida Toshiyuki who seems to be in every Japanese movie and Osugi Ren.

FLY! Heibon na Kiseki feels like a solid bet if you’re looking for a heartwarming, feel-good rom-com to get you through this cold March.

Check it out if you can when it hits theaters in Japan on March 10th. Don’t expect this film to make it abroad. Look for a t*rrent towards the end of the year when the DVD is released.


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